Why Home Tuition?

This is 1 of the most frequently asked question by parents who are helping their children look for tuition. Cost wise, group tuition provided by tuition centers are often cheaper than that of home (private) tuition. However, apart from cost, home tuition provides many other benefits otherwise not found in group tuition. So what are the more significant benefits of home tuition?

1. Private tutoring, 1 to 1 attention

The main benefit of hiring a home tutor is the 1 to 1 attention that the student will receive from the tutor. This is very important since the student will be able to request the tutor to teach and ask any question to clarify any doubt which they may have any time they want to. It does not matter if the student is asking a week 10 syllabus question in week 5 or vice-versa since home tuition can be 100% personalized according to the learning pace of the student. Additionally, with a 1 to 1 tutor to student ratio, the tutor will be able to fully focus on the student’s weakness and apply the necessary tutoring needed to improve the student’s result.

2. Relevancy

Contrary to what many tuition centres believe, home tutor are equally if not more relevant than tutors found in tuition centres  If you look at the diverse group of home tutors available, student tutors make up the largest numbers. This group of tutors are fresh from their Secondary or JC education and would definitely understand the current school syllabus. The second largest group of home tutors available are full-time tutors, current or ex-teachers. Full-time tutors are professional tutors who teaches tuition for a living. They are by far the most experienced and committed group of tutors.

2. Less time wasted

Having graduated from the local educational system, we know the importance of time and what it can mean for the student.  Home tuition can help your child save hours of unnecessary travelling time which can be better used to revise their school work, get involve in CCAs or rest after a long day at school.

3. More flexibility, increasing the frequencies when it matters

Unlike the fixed timetables of a tuition centre  home tutors are often more flexible with their timing and you can easily integrate the student’s timetable with the tutor’s. More importantly, students can negotiate with their home tutors should they feel that there’s a need to increase the lesson frequency due to reasons such as incoming examination etc.

4. Sharing of real life experiences

Because home tutors are often student tutors or graduate tutors who have undergone the rigid educational system in Singapore, they will better understand what the student is going through and thus share their own schooling and even work experiences with the student. This would become very useful in the future since many students often seek the advice of their home tutors on decisions concerning their education.

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