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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment ID for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

IDLevelSubject(s)Tuition venueFrequency per weekRates
V1030Adult Basic Chinese Conversation and WritingChoa Chu Kang 1 x 1.5 hrs$40-60/hr
Y1008IGCSE Grade 6 ScienceNear Bedok View Secondary School1 x 1.5 hrs$35-$40/hr
Y1012S3 Pure ChemistryAlong Dunearn Road1 x 2 hrs$45-$50/hr
Z1041P1English and MathsPasir Panjang 2 x 1-1.5 hrs$18-$20/hr
Z1102S4Combine Geography and Social studiesMarsiling Drive1 x 1.5 hrs$35/hr
Z1126P1ChineseDido Street2 x 1.5 hrs$30/hr
Z1146IB12HL ChemistryUpper Changi Road 1 x 2 hrs$50-60/hr
Z1172S3HistoryTai Hwan Crescent,1 x 2 hrs$25/hr
Z1176P5 EnglishJurong West 1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$55/hr
Z1203P3ChineseTanah Merah Kechil Avenue 1 x 1.5 hrs$30-$45/hr
Z1245P1 English Near People’s Park Centre1 x 1.5 hrs$20-$25/hr
Z1260IGCSE Grade 8 ChemistryThird Avenue (Bukit Timah)1 x 1.5 hrs$50-$75/hr
V1058P4ScienceChua chu kang north2 x 1 hr$20-$30/hr
V1068J1H1 Chemistry Jurong East1 x 2 hrs$50-70/hr
V1069P1HindiWoodlands Drive1 x 1-1.5 hrs$30-45/hr
V1075IB6English and MathSentosa Cove 2 x 1.5 hrs$25-40/hr
Z1286IB12HL ChemistryLentor Street1 x 1.5 hrs$50-$55/hr
Z1290S1 MathsChoa Chu Kang North1 x 1.5 hrs$50-60/hr
Z1297JA level H2 GeographyYishun Avenue1 x 1.5 hrs$45-50/hr
Z1299S3Grade 9 Standard IGCSE EnglishRivervale Link1 x 1.5 hrs$45-65/hr
Z1311P3 English, Maths & Science Rivervale Crescent2 x 1.5 hrs$20/hr
Z1316P3 English Upper Serangoon Road 1 x 1.5 hrs$35-$40/hr
Z1317P1Phonics and EnglishBukit Purmei Road1 x 1.5 hrs$30-$35/hr
Z1322S3 E/A-Maths Elias Road1 x 1.5 hrs$55-$60/hr
Z1330LBasic Adult Conversational Englishornwall Gardens2-3 x 1.5 hrs$35-40/h
Z1334IB7GeographyLasia Avenue 1 x 1.5 hrs$40-60/hr
V1088P4ChineseChoa Chu Kang Loop 1 x 1.5 hrs$20-$30/hr
V1089P2ChineseChoa Chu Kang Loop 1 x 1.5 hrs$15-$20/hr
Z1038P3English, Maths & ScienceMarine Terrace 2 x 1.5 hrs$18-$35/hr
Z1301P2English and MathsPunggol Place 2 x 1.5 hrs$15/hr
Z1335P5ScienceBukit Batok West Avenue1 x 2 hrs$50-$70/hr
Z1336P2ChineseBukit Batok West Avenue1 x 2 hrs$50-$70/hr
Z1342P5ScienceRivervale Crescent1 x 1.5 hrs$35-$50/hr
Z1346P2English and Maths Elite Terrace 2-3 x 2 hrs$20-23/hr
V1094S4Pure PhysicsBukit Batok East Ave 1 x 2 hrs$45-60/hr
V1095S2English Bedok Reservoir Road 1 x 2 hrs$50-60/hr
V1101P2EnglishLoyang Avenue1 x 1.5 hrs$20/hr
V1102P2 Maths Loyang Avenue 1 x 1.5 hrs$20/hr
V1103P2Malay Loyang Avenue 1 x 1.5 hrs$20/hr
V1105P1ChineseTampines Street1 x 1.5 hrs$15-20/hr
V1106P2ChineseTampines Street1 x 1.5 hrs$15-20/hr
V1107P5SciencePetir Road 1 x 1.5 hrs$20-$40/hr
N2517P3English Near Eunos MRT1 x 1.5 hrs$35-55/hr
N2519P4Maths and ScienceHougang Street 1 x 2 hrs$45-55/hr
N2522S3EnglishHillview Avenue1 x 1.5 hrs$45-50/hr
S1205S1 & S2 Science Dairy Farm Road 1-2 x 1-1.5 hrs$20-25/hr
S1206P1 & P4EnglishDairy Farm Road 1-2 x 1-1.5 hrs$15-20/hr
S1208MBeginner PianoCanberra Road 1 x 1 hr$30/hr
S1209P5 MathsPetir Road1 x 1.5 hrs$20-$40/hr
Z1289K1 EnglishPasir Ris Street 1-2 x 1 hr$15-20/hr
N2523P2English Toh Yi Drive1 x 1.5 hrs$40-45/hr
N2525P5English Jurong East 1 x 1.5 hrs$35/hr
S1210J1H2 Chemistry & H2 MathsJurong West Street 1 x 2 hrs$35-$40/hr
S1211LBeginner Arabic Jurong West Street 1 x 1.5 hrs$35-40/hr
S1212P4ChineseStrathmore Avenue 1 x 1.5 hrs$35-$40/hr
S1215JA level H2 History Corporation Road1 x 1.5 hrs$55-120/hr
S1216JA level H2 Literature Corporation Road1 x 1.5 hrs$55-120/hr
S1217P5EnglishTeck Whye Lane1 x 1.5 hrs$45-$55/hr
S1218P1 & P3 English, Maths & Science Bright Hill Cresent 2 x 2 hrs$20-$25/hr
S1219S3Combined Science (Physics)Flora Road1 x 2 hrs$50-$70/hr
S1220S3Combined Science (Biology) Flora Road1 x 2 hrs$50-$70/hr
S1221S3Pure ChemistryFlora Road1 x 2 hrs$50-$70/hr
S1222P5EnglishBedok Reservoir Road1 x 2 hrs$35-$55/hr
S1223D Finance MathematicsDover Close East Fortnightly x 1.5 hrs$45-$50/hr
V1111P5Math Rivervale Drive 1 x 1.5 hrs$35-$55/hr
V1113S1ChineseSpottiswoode Park1 x 1.5 hrs$25-$45/hr
V1114P4ScienceLentor Loop1 x 1.5 hrs$30-$35/hr
V1115P5 Chinese Rivervale Drive 1 x 1.5 hrs$35-$55/hr
V1116IB7Math Gallop Road1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$60/hr
V1117LBasic Adult Conversational & Written EnglishJurong West 1 x 2 hrs$35-$40/hr


P = Primary
S = Secondary
J = Junior College
IP = Integrated Programme
IB = International Baccalaureate
D = Diploma
U = University
M = Music
L = Language



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