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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment ID for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

IDLevelSubject(s)Tuition venueFrequency per weekRates
H2005University MathematicsJurong West Street 81 1 x 2 hours$35-45/hr
H2011S1MathematicsPasir Ris Drive 62 x 1.5 hours$23/hr
H2016S2ChineseBedok Reservoir Road 1 x 1.5 hours$25-30/hr
H2083JC2 H2 LiteratureTanjong Rhu1 x 2 hours$80-120/hr
H2134S1Maths and ScienceHougang Avenue 6 2 x 1.5 hours$25/hr
H2150S2ScienceWoodlands Drive 14 1 x 2 hours$25-35/hr
H2164P3EnglishBedok North Street 21 x 1.5 hours$20-30/hr
H2165S1ChineseRobertson Quay1 x 1.5 hours$25-30/hr
H2168P3ScienceBedok North Street 21 x 1.5 hours$20/hr
H2169S4Combined Humanities (Social Studies/Geography) Choa Chu Kang Avenue 11 x 1.5 hours$40-75/hr
H2181IP Year 2MathChoa Chu Kang Crescent1 x 1.5 hours$30/hr
H2199P4EnglishElite Terrace (Near Kembangan MRT)1 x 1.5 hours$40-75/hr
H2200IB Grade 7 MathsTanjong Rhu Rd (Near Dunman High School)1 x 1.5 hours$20-50/hr
H2201S2Combined Humanities (Geography and History)Woodlands Avenue 11 x 2 hours$25-30/hr
H2203P4English, Maths and ScienceAdmiralty Drive1 x 1.5 hours$40-45/hr
H2204P1English, Maths and ChineseMacpherson Road2 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
H2205JC2 H2 HistoryTampines Street 341 x 1.5 hours$90-100/hr
H2209O LevelPOAPasir Ris Street 121 x 1.5 hours$45-70/hr
J2388P3English Seletar Green View1 x 1.5 hrs$18-$20/hr
K2150S3(IGCSE) Pure PhysicsBishan St 23 1 x 1.5 hours$30/hr
K2157P5ScienceMontreal Drive (Near Sembawang MRT1 x 1.5 hours$35-50/hr
K2161IP Year 1HistoryCorporation Drive1 x 2 hours$35-$40hr
K2198S1 IP EnglishCompassvale Link1 x 1.5 hours$40-65/hr
K2203S3 IPSingapore Maths Olympiad (Senior) Ho Ching Road (Near Jurong Stadium)1 x 2 hours$35-$50/hr
K2205P1EnglishSeng Kang Square3 x 1.5 hours$20/hr
K2210S1NAChineseWoodlands Street 81 1 x 1.5 hours$25-30/hr
M3022S2Higher ChineseChoa Chu Kang Street 621 x 1.5 hours$50-60/hr
M3036O LevelPure PhysicsSerangoon Central1 x 1.5 hours$45-50/hr
M3042P3ScienceSeletar Green View Road (Along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5)1 x 1.5 hours$25-30/hr
M3058P1Chinese Tampines Avenue 9 2 X 1.5 hours$20/hr
M3064PSLEMaths and ScienceEast Coast Road2 x 1.5 hours$40-$70/hr
M3067O LevelCombined Science (Physics) Toh Tuck Drive 1 x 1.5 hours$45-70/hr
M3068Grade 11Language and Literature (SL)Rivervale Crescent1 x 1.5 hours$50-70/hr
M3073O LevelA MathsHillview Avenue1 x 1.5 hours$45-70/hr
M3088O LevelCombined Humanities (SS/History)Choa Chu Kang North 52 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
M3089O LevelPure BiologyChoa Chu Kang North 52 x 2 hours$30-35/hr
S2349S3 (IP) Pure English Literature Corporation Drive1 x 2 hrs$30-35/hr
S2532S3(IP) MathematicsCorporation Drive 1 x 2 hours$30-35/hr
S2584S1EnglishThomson Road (Near Mount Alvernia Hospital)1 x 1.5 hours$25-$30/hr
S2585S1Chinese Thomson Road 1 x 1.5 hours$25-$30/hr
S2651S4Pure PhysicsPetir Road1 x 1.5 hours$35-$80/hr
S2678IP Year 4Pure BiologyMount Vernon Park1 x 2 hours$45-$55/hr
K2266P2EnglishRedhill Road1 x 1.5 hours$30-60/hr
K2263S4Combined Humanities (Social Studies/Geography)Hougang Central1 x 1.5 hours$30-40/hr
K2260P2 & P3English & ScienceDepot Road1 x 1.5 hours$20-25/hr
K2253DiplomaAccountancyHougang Avenue 7 1 x 1.5 hours$60-80/hr
K2242S2NTScienceHazel Park Terrace (Near Cashew MRT1 x 1.5 hours$25-50/hr
K2093P1HindiGeylang east Central1 x 1 hour$20/hr
K2291O LevelE Maths Boon Lay Drive1 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
K2290P2HindiTelok Blangah Crescent1 x 1.5 hours$20-40/hr
K2287S2GeographyNear Somerset MRT 1 x 1.5 hours$25-40/hr
K2286JC1H2 Mathematics, Physics and ChemistryJurong West Street 811 x 1.5 hours$40-50/hr
K2284S1MathematicsBukit Batok Central 1 x 1.5 hours$25-50/hr
k2282P3MathematicsNear Tanjong Pagar MRT 1 x 1.5 hours$20-25/hr
K2279 Year 10Mathematics and Chemistry Near Somerset MRT1 x 2 hours$40-50/hr
M3097s3Combined Humanities (Literature and Social Studies) Near Bedok Sports Complex1 x 2 hours$30-$70/hr
k2292P3English, Mathematics and ChineseYishun Ring Road1 x 1.5 hours$20-30/hr
K2294P3ScienceBukit Timah Road (near King Albert Park MRT)2 x 3 hours$20-30/hr
K2295s3MathsCantonment Road (Near Tanjong Pagar MRT)1 x 1.5 hours$30-40/hr
K2296S3POA Cantonment Road (Near Tanjong Pagar MRT)1 x 1.5 hours$30-40/hr
k2297S2MathsJurong West Street 522 x 2 hours$25-35/hr
K2299S3POA Jalan Chengkek (Near Macpherson MRT)1 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
K2300O LevelsChineseBangkit Road1 x 2 hours$45-55/hr
K2302O LevelsPure BiologyFlora Drive1 x 1.5 hours$45-$70/hr
K2310P1English and Math Andrews Terrace (Near Sembawang Park)1 x 2 hours$30-35/hr
K2315P5Science Woodlands Circle 1 x 1.5 hours$25/hr
K2317Grade 8Science Dunearn Road1 x 2 hours$45-55/hr
K2318O levelsCombined Science (Chemistry) Jalan Hitam Manis (Near Holland Village MRT)2 x 2 hours$30-45/hr
K2319O levelsChineseJalan Hitam Manis (Near Holland Village MRT)2 x 2 hours$30-45/hr
K2320P2MathsWoodlands Drive 75 1 x 1.5 hours$30-40/hr
K2321P4Science Holland Close1 x 1.5 hours$50/hr
K2322P2MathsCashew Road (Bukit Panjang)1 x 1.5 hours$35-40/hr
K2323P5MathsEdgefield Plains2 x 1.5 hours$25-35/hr
K2324P5Maths and EnglishCompassvale Street 1 x 2 hours$50-70/hr
K2325S3EnglishCompassvale Street 1 x 1.5 hours$55-75/hr
K2326S3ChineseCompassvale Street 1 x 1.5 hours$55-75/hr
K2327S3Elementary MathematicsCompassvale Street 1 x 1.5 hours1 x 1.5 hours
k2328S3Combined Science (Chemistry/Biology)Compassvale Street 1 x 1.5 hours1 x 1.5 hours
k2329P6ScienceSurin Avenue (Near Kovan MRT)1 x 1.5 hours$20/hr
K2330S3Combined Science (Phy/Chem)Surin Avenue (Near Kovan MRT)1 x 1.5 hours$40/lesson
M3078P4Maths and ScienceBukit Timah Road (Near Methodist Girls’ School)2 X 1.5 hours$50-60/hr
H2052P5EnglishMarsiling Lane 1 x 1.5 hours$35-60/hr
H2127S4EnglishHougang St 92 1 x 1.5 hours$30/hr
H2178P3 Math & ScienceHougang Street 11 1 x 2 hours$30-35/hr
h2211p6English, Maths, Science and ChineseYishun Avenue 31 x 2 hours$30-40/hr
H2212S2English Elias Road1 x 1.5 hours$55-65/hr
H2215O levelPure PhysicsJurong West Street 41 1 x 1.5 hours$45-75/hr
H2216Grade 11 (IB)SL ChineseNew Upper Changi Road1 x 2 hours$40-45/hr
H2229S1History & Geography Cashew Crescent2 x 2 hours $25-30/hr
H2230JC1H1 MathPandan Valley 1 x 1.5 hours$40-70/hr
H2234P1Math Jurong East Street 131 x 1.5 hours$20/hr
H2235P2MathJurong East Street 131 x 1.5 hours$20/hr
H2237P1English and MathZion Road2 x 1.5 hours$20-25/hr
H2238S1Math & ScienceGoodman Road 2 x 2 hours $40-60/hr
H2243P1ChineseSwettenham Road3 x 1.5 hours$20/hr
H2244P1 ChineseTampines Central 72 x 1 hour$20/hr
H2246S3E-Math & Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry) & Pure BiologyWoodlands Drive 14 1 X 2 hours$30-50/hr
H2247P3English, Math & ScienceRivervale Crescent2 x 1.5 hours$18-20/hr
H2249S4English and Combined Humanities (Social Studies/Geography)Elias Road (Near Meridian JC)1 X 2 hours$45-60/hr
H2250S1English & Literature Cashew Crescent 2 x 2 hours$25-30/hr
H2252S1History and GeographyCashew Crescent 1 X 2 hours$25-30/hr
M3090P3English and MathsElite Terrace (Siglap)1 x 1.5 hours$30/hr


P = Primary
S = Secondary
J = Junior College
IP = Integrated Programme
IB = International Baccalaureate
D = Diploma
U = University
M = Music
L = Language



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