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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment ID for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

No of Lesson(s) per week
J1635JC2H1 PhysicsMarymount1 x 2hrs$50-60/hr
X1907P3ChinesePotong Pasir Avenue 11 x 1.5hrs$25/hr
Q2043IB 5MathNear Commonwealth MRT2 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
Q2035P2English, Math, MalayCompassvale Bow1 x 2hrs$15-20/hr
Q2033N2Math and EnglishPunggol Road1 x 2hrs$20-30/hr
Q2029S4ChinesePasir Ris Drive 11 x 1.5hrs$25-30/hr
Q2026P6ScienceJelebu Road1 x 2hrs$30-55/hr
Q2020IB 5EnglishRidout Road2 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
Q2018S4Pure ChemistrySerangoon Garden1 x 2hrs$50-65/hr
Q2010P6EMSCCantonment Road2 x 2hrs$20-30/hr
Q2008AdultChineseJalan Mutiara2 x 2hrs$35-50/hr
Q2005O lvlsHSK ChineseFarrer Road1 x 1.5hrs$30-50/hr
Q2004P6TamilOpp. Curtin Uni1 x 1.5hr$35-50/hr
Q1990J2H2 MathUpper Bukit Timah1 x 2hrs$45-60/hr
Q1989J2GPUpper Bukit Timah1 x 2hrs$45-60/hr
Q1986S2Math, ScienceWoodlands Drive 162 x 1.5hrs$25-30/hr
Q1985P5, S1English, Math, ScienceLorong Limau2 x 1.5hrs$20-30/hr
Q1978P5English and MathJalan Usaha2 x 1.5hrs$25-35/hr
Q1977P5EnglishAng Mo Kio Ave 41 x 1.5hrs$20-35/hr
Q1963P1MathGallop Park1 x 1.5hrs$20-45/hr
P1783S4SS/GeogVerde Grove(YewTee)1x1.5/2hrs$60-$70/hr
P1782S4A&E MathVerde Grove(YewTee)1x1.5/2hrs$60-$70/hr
E2187Pri SchEnglishWoodlands Ave 63 x 1.5hrs$40/hr
E2146P5 and IP1EnglishWoodlands Drive 161 x 3hrs$45/hr
E2126P6EnglishJelapang Rd1 x 1.5hrs$35/hr
Q2044S2EnglishWoodlands Ave 11 x 1.5hrs$35-45/hr
X1927P3English and ScienceNear Anderson Primary School2 x 1.5hrs$15-45/hr
X1928P2ChineseJalan Bukit Merah2 x 1hr$15-20/hr
X1930P5Mathematics & SciencePaya Lebar Crescent1 x 1.5hrs$45-50/hr
X1931K2English & ChineseRivervale Crescent1 x 1.5hrs$15-$25/hr
Q2048P6ScienceUpper Thomson Road1 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
A1754S4Social Studies & Geography Elias Road1 x 1.5-2hrs$30-50/hr
A1757S2MathsBoon Tiong Road1 x 1.5hrs$50-55/hr
A1760P5English, Maths, Science & ChineseJurong East St 211 x 2hrs$20/hr
A1761P4Maths and ScienceBukit Batok St 332 x 1.5hrs$25/hr
A1763P6 MathsBukit Batok East Ave 2 2 x 1.5hrs$25/hr
Q2049S3EnglishBedok Reservior Road1 x 1.5hr$50-60/hr
Q2050NUS IP3ChemistryJurong East St 131 x 1.5hrs$35-60/hr


P = Primary
S = Secondary
J = Junior College
IP = Integrated Programme
IB = International Baccalaureate
D = Diploma
U = University
M = Music
L = Language



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