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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment ID for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

IDLevelSubject(s)Tuition venueFrequency per weekRates
B2014S2 English & MathsAng Mo kio Central 31 x 2 hrs$25-$30/hr
B2022P4EnglishYishun Street 721 x 1.5 hrs$20-30/hr
B2040S1English Jalan Ampas 1 x 1.5 hrs$25-$30/hr
B2042J2H2 Physics Teck Whye Lane1 x 1.5 hrs$35-$40/hr
B2057P4English, Maths and SciencePasir Ris Drive 1 2 x 1.5 hrs$35-$65/hr
B2063P3English Bedok North Street 2 1 x 1.5 hrs$20-$25/hr
B2079S3Pure ChemistryDalvey Estate (Along Bukit Timah Road)1 x 1.5 hrs$55-$70/hr
B2085Grade 8ScienceHill View Avenue1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
B2086P4ChineseBanda Street (Near Kreta Ayer Community Centre)1 x 1.5 hrs$25/hr
B2089P6Science Yishun Central 1 x 1.5 hours$35-55/hr
B2096J1H2 Maths Upper Changi Road East1 x 1.5 hours$80-$100/hr
B2098P4English Dakota Crescent1 x 2 hours$50-$65/hr
B2099S4 Pure Physics and Chemistry Woodlands Ring Road1 x 1.5-2 hours$30-$50/hr
B2101P3 Mathematics Punggol Field 1 x 1.5 hours$30-55/hr
B2102IP2Maths and Science (Chemistry) Woodlands Circle1 x 2 hours$30-35/hr
B2103P1Maths Lorong Ah Soo1 x 1.5 hours$30-50/hr
B2104Grade 2English and Literacy Stirling Road2 x 1.5 hours$35-60/hr
B2105S O levels Elementary MathematicsSerangoon Avenue 41 x 2 hours$30-35/hr
B2107S2 MathsPasir Ris Street 21 1 x 1.5 hours$25-$35/hr
b2110SO Levels Additional MathematicsYishun Street 811 x 2 hours$30-35/hr
B2111P1English, Maths and Chinese Pasir Ris Drive 12 x 2 hours$30-55/hr
B2112P6MathsBedok Reservoir Road1 x 1.5 hours$25-$30/hr
B2113S4E-MathsTampines Street 432 x 2 hours$35/hr
B2114P4MathsSembawang Close1 x 2 hours$25-30/hr
B2115O LevelCombined Science (Chemistry & Physics) Compassvale Road1 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
B2116O LevelEnglishCompassvale Road1 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
B2117P5ChineseJalan Mata Ayer (Khatib)1 x 1.5 hours$35-60/hr
B2118P3EnglishSin Ming Avenue1 x 1.5 hours$35-60/hr
B2119P5MathsChoa Chu Kang Crescent 1 x 1.5-2 hours$25-$40/hr
B2120S4pure Physics Hougang Avenue 8 1 x 1.5 hours$55-70/hr
B2121P6MathsSims Avenue1 x 1.5 hours$25-30/hr
B2122P4English, Maths and ScienceBukit Panjang1 x 2 hours$30-40/hr
J2232S3ChineseBedok South Avenue 3 1 x 1.5 hrs$25-30/hr
J2303S1 (IP)Science Compassvale Lane 1 x 1.5 hrs$50-65/hr
J2316P5English Jervois Road 1 x 2 hrs$45-65/hr
j2350J2 H2 Biology Woodlands Street 411 x 1.5-2 hrs$80-120/hr
J2388P3English Seletar Green View1 x 1.5 hrs$18-$20/hr
J2399S3E/A MathematicsTelok Blangah Drive1 x 2 hours$30/hr
J2401P6English, Maths and Science Hillview Avenue 1 x 2 hrs$50-$60/hr
J2403IB Year 5 HL MathematicsChoa Chu Kang Central1 x 1.5 hrs$40-45/hr
J2404S4 Pure Geography and Social Studies Toh Tuck Road1 x 1.5-2 hrs$50-$70/hr
J2406P5Mathematics Jurong West Street 42 1 x 1.5 hrs$20-$30/hr
J2412K1 English and ChineseTampines Street 12 1 x 1 hr$25-$30/hr
J2413P2English and MathsChoa Chu Kang Avenue 51 x 1.5 hours$18-$20/hr
j2414Nursery 2English & MathsChoa Chu Kang Avenue 51 x 1.5 hours$18-$20/hr
j2417Year 3 IP MathematicsBedok South Avenue 2 1 x 2 hours$30-70/hr
j2420S2MathematicsSimei Street 41 x 1.5 hours$40-$60/hr
j2422P1English and MathsYishun Street 31 1 x 1.5 hours$30-$35/hr
j2425K1ChinesePasir Ris Street 51 3 x 1 hours$15/hr
j2426O LevelCombined (Chemistry/Biology)Ang Mo Kio Avenue 41 x 2 hours$45-$50/hr
j2427S2EnglishHavelock Road, near Tiong Bahru MRT1 x 1.5 hours$40-60/hr
J2430P2 & P4EnglishAnchorvale Link 1 x 2 hours$30-35/hr
J2431S3(IP) ChemistryGardenia Road (Upper Thomson)1 x 2 hours$45-70/hr
J2434P3Maths Seletar Green View1 x 1.5 hours$18-$20/hr
J2435P3Science (Group)Bukit Timah Road 1-2 x 3 hours$20-$25/hr
K2037U Data AnalysisJurong East 1 x 1.5 hrs$45 - 100/hr
K2051P5English Bedok Reservoir Road 1 x 2 hrs$50/hr
S2059P6Maths Yishun Central 1 1 x 1.5 hrs$45-$55/hr
S2104S3 A & E. MathsUpper Bukit Timah Road1 x 1.5 hrs$45-$50/hr
S2187S O Level English Boon Lay Drive 1 x 1.5 hrs$30-$35/hr
S2199P6 Science Choa Chu Kang Ave 41 x 2 hrs$20/hr
S2217P6Science Yishun Central 11 x 1.5 hrs$45-55/hr
s2240P3Science Bangkit Road1 x 1.5 hrs$20/hr
S2326S3 (IP)Pure Geography Coporation Drive1 x 2 hrs$30-35/hr
S2329P6English Pasir Ris Grove1 x 1.5 hrs$35-$40/hr
S2342P1 Mathematics Boon Lay Place 1 x 1.5 hrs$30/hr
S2349S3 (IP) Pure English Literature Corporation Drive1 x 2 hrs$30-35/hr
S2350S3 (IP) ChineseCorporation Drive1 x 2 hrs$30-35/hr
S2353P1Maths Sin Ming Avenue1 x 1.5 hrs$60/hr
S2356P5MathematicsBalam Road1 x 2 hrs$40-$70/hr
S2361IB 11 H1 English Literature Bukit Batok Street 521 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
S2363S3 English Choa Chu Kang Street 53 1 x 1.5-2 hrs$45-$70/hr
S2364UMacroeconomics University Level Jellicoe Road1 x 1.5-2 hrs$45-$60/hr
S2366P1English and Mathematics Toh Yi Drive2-3 x 1-1.5 hrs$18-$20/hr
S2372P4Chinese Tanjong Rhu Road 1 x 2 hrs$35-$60/hr
S2373P3English and Mathematics Dover Rise 2 x 1.5 hrs$20/hr
S2374Grade 4English and Mathematics Serangoon Avenue 2 2 x 1.5 hrs$45-$55/hr
S2378P6 English Choa Chu Kang Street 64 1 x 1.5 hrs$25-$40/hr
S2395K1English Stevens Road 1 x 1.5 hrs$45-$50/hr
S2405P5English and MathematicsSerangoon Avenue 31 x 1.5 hours$25-$40/hr
S2407S2(Express) Mathematics and English Jurong West Street 421 x 1.5 hours$40-$45/hr
S2408JC1H1 EconomicsHume Avenue (Bukit Batok1 x 1.5 hours$50-$70/hr
S2410S4Combined Humanities (SS/Geog)Senja Road1 x 1.5 hours$30-$35/hr
S2412IGCSE A LevelH2 MathematicSPaterson Road (Orchard)2-3 x 1.5 hours$80-$90/hr
s2413P6Mathematics Boon Keng Road1-2 x 1.5-2 hours$45-65/hr
S2414J2H2 MathematicsCheng Soon Garden1 x 1.5-2 hours$50-70/hr
S2415P3Chinese Woodlands Ring Road1 x 1.5 hours$30-40/hr
S2416P2English (Comprehension/Composition)Hougang Avenue 61 x 1.5 hours$100/ 4lessons
S2417P4 MathematicsRobin Road1 x 1.5 hours$25-60/hr
S2418IP3 Chemistry Yio Chu Kang Road 1 x 2 hours$45-75/hr
S2419P4Science Compassvale Road 1 x 1.5 hours$35-40/hr
S2420 SCombined Science (Biology and Chemistry) Bayshore Road2 x 1.5 hours$45-70/hr
S2422J2H2 Geography Jurong West Street 93 1 x 2 hours$55-60/hr
S2423P5Chinese and Higher Chinese Woodlands Drive 751 x 1.5 hours$25-$40/hr
S2424J2H2 Mathematics and H2 PhysicsPasir Ris Street 71 2 x 1.5 hours$50-$70/hr
S2425P2English and Mathematics Tampines Street 122 x 1 hour$20-$25/hr
S2427S1N(A) MathematicsBishan Street 22 2-3 x 1.5 hours$40-65/hr
S2428S4Pure Chemistry Woodlands Drive 751 x 1.5-2 hours$30-$50/hr
S2429S4Pure PhysicsWoodlands Drive 75 1 x 1.5-2 hours$30-$50/hr
S2430LBasic Chinese Novena1 x 1.5 hours$35-$50/hr
S2431P3EnglishMount Faber Road1 x 1.5 hours$45/hr
S2432P3ScienceMount Faber Road 1 x 1.5 hours$45/hr
S2451P6MathsAng Mo Kio Avenue 3 1 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
S2450P2MathsSim Lim Square1 x 1.5 hours$50/hr
S2449P6MathematicsAh Hood Road1 x 1.5 hours$35-$60/hr
S2446JC2H2 EconomicsHoy Fatt Road (Redhill)1 x 2 hours$40-$65/hr
S2445IP Year 3A MathsMangis Road1 x 2 hours$30-50/hr
S2444P3English, Mathematics and ScienceEveritt Road1 x 2 hours$30-50/hr
S2443P3Higher ChineseEveritt Road1 x 2 hours$30-50/hr
S2440IP Year 4A and E MathWoodlands Drive 161 x 2 hours$40-$45/hr
S2439S3N(A) Principles of AccountsCashew Road2 x 1.5 hours$35-40/hr
S2438Upper Primary EnglishPunggol Plaza1 x 2 hours$40-$55/hr
S2359P3 N P5English and MathWest Coast Road2-3 x 1.5 hours$25-$40/hr
S2146P4English Math Science Marine Terrace2 x 1-1.5 hours$20-$25/hr


P = Primary
S = Secondary
J = Junior College
IP = Integrated Programme
IB = International Baccalaureate
D = Diploma
U = University
M = Music
L = Language



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