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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment ID for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

IDLevelSubject(s)Tuition venueFrequency per weekRates
B2277JC2H1 HistoryJurong East Street 131 x 1.5 hours$85-100/hr
B2290P3English Lorong 6 Toa Payoh1 x 1.5 hrs$35-40/hr
B2292S3English and E-Maths Clementi Avenue 4 1 x 2 hrs$45-50/hr
H2016S2ChineseBedok Reservoir Road 1 x 1.5 hours$25-30/hr
H2052JC2H2 BiologyHillview Avenue1 x 1.5 hours$50-120/hr
H2052P5EnglishMarsiling Lane1 x 1.5 hours$35-60/hr
H2065S4EnglishHillcrest Road (Tan Kah Kee MRT)1 x 1.5 hours$50/hr
J2388P3English Seletar Green View1 x 1.5 hrs$18-$20/hr
J2418S2(IP)PhysicsPetir Road1 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
J2453P6ScienceBuangkok Crescent1 x 1.5 hours$35-$65/hr
J2506S1ScienceYishun Central 12-3 x 1.5 hours$40-$60/hr
J2554S4Combined Science (Physics)Toh Tuck Road1 x 1.5 hours$30-$35/hr
J2579S4Combined Science (Physics/Biology) Tai Hwan Crescent1-2 x 1.5-2 hours$30-35/hr
J2580S4EnglishTai Hwan Crescent1 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
J2581P5English and SciencMarine Parade Community Club1 x 1.5 hours$35-45/hr
J2590S3Higher ChineseChoa Chu Kang Loop1 x 2 hours$55-$75/hr
J2626P6English, Maths & ScienceBukit Panjang1 x 1.5 - 2 hours$35-$45/hr
J2627S4NT English & MathematicsBukit Panjang1 x 1.5 hours$45-$50/hr
J2633Grade 6HindiBukit Batok West Avenue 4 1 x 1.5 hours$30/hr
J2634P1English, Maths, ChineseHavelock Road2 x 1 hours$35/hr
J2635P2English, Maths, ChineseHavelock Road2 x 1 hours, 1 x 1.5 hours$35/hr
J2636P5EnglishYishun Street 221 x 1.5 hours$25-30/hr
J2638S4NA Combined Science (Physics/Biology)Lentor Terrace1 x 2 hours$30-40/hr
J2639S4NA ChineseLentor Terrace1 x 1.5 hours$45-$55/hr
J2640JC1H2 ChemistryShunfu Road2 x 2 hours$55-100/hr
J2641S1 & S3Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry)Lorong 6 Toa Payoh1 x 2 hours$25-30/hr
J2648S3Higher ChineseMarine Drive1 x 1.5 hours$55-70/hr
J2650P1Math Pasir Ris Street 721 x 1.5 hours$20/hr
J2651BeginnerArtPasir Ris Street 721 x 1.5 hours$20/hr
K2146O levelCombined Science (Physics & Chemistry) Near Lakeside MRT1 x 2 hours$50/hr
K2150S3(IGCSE) Pure PhysicsBishan St 23 1 x 1.5 hours$30/hr
K2157P5ScienceMontreal Drive (Near Sembawang MRT1 x 1.5 hours$35-50/hr
K2161IP Year 1HistoryCorporation Drive1 x 2 hours$35-$40hr
K2165P5EnglishJurong East1 x 1.5 hours$35/hr
K2171P4ScienceLorong K Telok Kurau (Near Eunos MRT)1 x 1.5 hours$45-50/hr
S2349S3 (IP) Pure English Literature Corporation Drive1 x 2 hrs$30-35/hr
S2462S4Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry): near Holland Village MRT Station2 x 1.5 hours$30/hr
S2493P3Maths, Science and ChineseAng Mo Kio Avenue 21 x 1.5 hours$25/hr
S2532S3(IP) MathematicsCorporation Drive 1 x 2 hours$30-35/hr
S2584S1EnglishThomson Road (Near Mount Alvernia Hospital)1 x 1.5 hours$25-$30/hr
S2585S1Chinese Thomson Road 1 x 1.5 hours$25-$30/hr
S2592P4ScienceCompassvale Link1 x 1.5 hours$50-$60/hr
S2616P1MathematicsHougang Avenue 81 x 1.5 hours$45-$50/hr
S2626P4ChineseTampines Street 341 x 1.5 hours$20-$25/hr
S2632S3ChineseCompassvale Street1 x 1.5 hours$55-75/hr
S2640S4Additional and Elementary MathematicsUpper Changi Road East 1 x 1.5 hours$25-$30/hr
S2641S4Elementary MathematicsChoa Chu Kang Avenue 51 x 1.5 hours$25-$30/hr
S2651S4Pure PhysicsPetir Road1 x 1.5 hours$35-$80/hr
S2674S2English, Maths and Science Bishan Street 132 x 1.5 hours$25-$30/hr
S2675K2ChineseTampines Central 71 x 1 hours$18-20/hr
S2678IP Year 4Pure BiologyMount Vernon Park1 x 2 hours$45-$55/hr
S2683P4MathematicsSegar Road1 x 1.5 hours$35-$50/hr)
H2078S2ChineseWoodlands Ave 31 x 1.5 hours$30-50/hr
H2077Uni lvlMathematics ANTU1-2 x 1.5 hours$45-50/hr
H2076S4NA Combine Science (Physics/Chemistry) Choa Chu Kang Avenue 41 x 1.5 hours$40-50/hr
H2075S4NA E-MathematicsChoa Chu Kang Avenue 41 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
H2074S3EnglishTeban Gardens2 x 2 hours$25-30/hr
H2072P4ChineseLorong How Sun1 x 2 hours$45-60/hr
H2071P2ChineseKim Tian Road1 x 1.5 hours$15-20/hr
H2052JC2H2 BiologyHillview Avenue1 x 1.5 hours$50-120/hr
K2184P5Maths & Science Tanah Merah Kechil Road1 x 1.5 hours$20-30/hr
k2183S3Chemistry (Combined Science)Ang Mo Kio Ave 31 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
K2182JC1 H2 PhysicsBoon Keng Road1 x 1.5 hours$40-50/hr
K2181JC2 H1 General PaperJurong East Avenue 1 1 x 1.5 hours$50-90/hr
K2180P1Mathematics Anthony Road (Near Newton MRT)1 x 1.5 hours$30-35/hr
K2179P2English and MathematicsEdgefield Plains1 x 1.5 hours$45-50/hr
K2178P1MathematicsTampines Avenue 82 x 1.5 hours$40-45/hr
H2142P3English & MathsChoa Chu Kang Ave 5 1 x 2 hours$30-$35/hr
K2177O levelPure GeographySimei Street 41 x 2 hours$40-$45/hr


P = Primary
S = Secondary
J = Junior College
IP = Integrated Programme
IB = International Baccalaureate
D = Diploma
U = University
M = Music
L = Language



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