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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment ID for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

IDLevelSubject(s)VenueNo of Lesson(s) per weekRate 
M1224S1 to S5HistoryCashew Road1 x 3hrs$35-45/hr
M1226(MOE Guidlines)ArtCashew Road1 x 2hrs$35-45/hr
M1521S4 IPHigher ChineseBukit Batok Central1 x 1.5hrs$25-30/hr
N1739S1ScienceWoodlands Drive 721 x 1.5hrs$30-40/hr
N1755O levelCombined Science (Physics/Chemistry)Bishan Street 121 x 1.5hrs$30/hr
N1777P6ScienceNear Dakota MRT1 x 1.5hrs$25-30/hr
N1826P1English and ChineseJurong West Central 32 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
N1846S3Higher ChinesePunggol Central1 x 1.5hrs$45-50/hr
N1861P5SciencePasir Ris Street 721 x 1.5hrs$50-55/hr
U1056P6EnglishUpper Bukit Timah View1 x 2hrs$35-55/hr
M1874IP Year 1ScienceCorporation Road (Boon Lay)1 x 1.5hrs$45-55/hr
M1873P3English, Maths and ScienceElias Terrace2-3 x 1.5-2hrs$30-45/hr
M1872O levelPhysicsYishun Street 211 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
M1871J2 H2 MathsClementi Avenue 41 x 2hrs$55-60/hr
M1870J2H2 BiologyJalan Tenaga (Eunos)1 x 1.5hrs$50-70/hr
M1869O levelPrinciples of AccountingYio Chu Kang Road1 x 2hrs$50-70/hr
M1868P1English and MathsDakota Crescent2 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
M1867O levelEnglishSturdee Road1 x 1.5hrs$45-65/hr
M1866PolytechnicPsychology and SociologyTeck Whye Lane2 x 1.5hrs$35-40/hr
M1865P6MathsChoa Chu Kang Central2 x 1.5hrs$35-40/hr
M1863K1ChineseSin Ming Avenue1 x 1.5hrs$15/hr
M1862S2ChineseBukit Batok Street 241 x 1.5hrs$25-30/hr
M1861P5MathsEunos Crescent2 x 1.5hrs$50-60/hr
M1860S1 & S2ChineseRivervale Link1 x 3hrs$40-45/hr
M1856S1ScienceRivervale Link1 x 1.5hrs$40-45/hr
M1855P3English, Maths and ScienceNear Kent Ridge Park1-2 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
M1850P3English, Maths and ScienceSenja Road3 x 2hrs$25/hr
M1847J2 H2 BiologyHougang Avenue 41 x 2hrs$50-60/hr
M1843J1H1 MathsBukit Timah Road1 x 2hrs$40-50/hr
M1837K2ChineseClementi Avenue 21 x 1.5hrs$15/hr
M1836S3EnglishBukit Batok Street 521 x 1.5hrs$50-60/hr
M1835S3A-MathsBukit Batok Street 521 x 1.5hrs$50-60/hr
M1833S1EnglishBukit Batok1 x 3hrs$25-30/hr
M1832P3English, Maths and ScienceBendemeer Road1 x 1.5hrs$40-45/hr
M1831BeginnerPianoChapel Road1 x 1hr$35-45/hr
N2121P5EnglishCarmen Street (Near Bedok South Avenue 1)2 x 1.5hrs$45-55/hr
N2120P2EnglishSembawang Crescent / Yishun Ring Road1 x 1.5hrs$40-45/hr
N2119P2ChineseVilla Verde (Choa Chu Kang)1 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
N2118S3A-MathsHillview Avenue (Near Bukit Batok Reserve Park)1 x 1.5hrs$45-65/hr
N2116S2ScienceBishan Street 12 1 x 1.5hrs$60-65/hr
N2112P3English, Maths and ScienceBeach Road2 x 3hrs$15-20/hr
N2111CBSE Grade 5English and MathsToh Guan Road1 x 1.5hrs$25-30/hr
N2105J2H2 MathsBilal Lane near Bedok South Secondary School1 x 1.5hrs$70-120/hr
N2104P5MathsPasir Ris Street 711 x 1.5hrs$35-55/hr
N2103P3MathsSegar Road1 x 1.5hrs$35-50/hr
N2102S5ChineseHillview Avenue1 x 1.5hrs$30-50/hr
N2099P3ChineseJurong West Avenue 31 x 2hrs$15-20/hr
N2090S3Pure ChemistryPasir Ris Street 411 x 1hr$35/hr
N2088P1ChineseSegar Road (Near Segar LRT)1 x 1.5hrs$30-45/hr
N2087P1English and MathsSegar Road (Near Segar LRT)1 x 1.5hrs$30-45/hr
N2085S2MathsLorong 3 Toa Payoh1 x 1.5hrs$45/hr
N2084P6English, Maths and ScienceLorong 3 Toa Payoh2 x 1.5hrs$40-55/hr
N2077P4English, Maths and ScienceYishun Avenue 112 x 1.5hrs$15-20/hr
U1394P2English and MathsLorong 7 Toa Payoh2 x 1.5hrs$15-20/hr
U1393P2ChineseLorong 7 Toa Payoh1 x 1.5hrs$15-20/hr
U1392P4ChineseWoodlands Drive 161 x 1.5hrs$20-25/hr
U1389P3MathsChoa Chu Kang Loop1 x 1.5hrs$20/hr
U1386P1English and MathsDuchess Avenue (Bukit Timah)1 x 1.5hrs$15-30/hr
U1379O levelLiteratureCarpmael Road (East Coast)1 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr


P = Primary
S = Secondary
J = Junior College
IP = Integrated Programme
IB = International Baccalaureate
D = Diploma
U = University
M = Music
L = Language



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