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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment ID for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

IDLevelSubject(s)Tuition venueFrequency per weekRates
N2452P3 English, Maths and ScienceChoa Chu Kang Street 621 x 1.5 hrs$35-50/hr
N2539IP3 Higher Chinese Flora Drive1 x 1.5 hrs$50-70/hr
N2542S3EnglishBukit Purmei Road1 x 1.5 hrs$40/hr
N2548P5MathsMarine Terrace1 x 1.5 hrs$50-55/hr
N2550IP2 MathsGangsa Road5 x 2 hrs$35-40/hr
N2559P6Maths and ScienceTelok Blangah Drive 1 x 1.5 hrs$20-40/hr
N2562S4/5 O lvlCombined Science (Phy/Chem)Saujana Road1 x 1.5 hrs$30-35/hr
N2572S4 English (2016) Hillcrest Road 1 x 1.5 hrs$30-$50/hr
N2577S4N Level Combined Chemistry/Biology Simei Street 41 x 1.5 hrs$30-45/hr
N2590S2ChineseBishan Street 24 1 x 1.5 hrs$40-60/hr
N2591P4EnglishCompassvale Drive1 x 1.5 hrs$35-50/hr
N2592P6Maths and Science Serangoon Avenue 31 x 1.5 hrs$50-55/hr
N2596P1ChineseYishun Avenue 1 1 x 1.5 hrs$40-45/hr
N2599P5Science Recreation Road1 x 1.5 hrs$50-$60/hr
N2603IP Year 4Higher ChineseBukit Batok East Ave 2 1 x 1.5 hrs$55-$65/hr
N2611P6Foundation Maths, Foundation Science and EnglishTampines Street2 x 1.5 hrs$45-50/hr
N2612P3Tamil Jurong East Avenue1 x 1.5 hrs$18-20/hr
N2618S4Pure ChemistryBishan Street2 x 1.5-2 hrs$45-$70/hr
N2619P2Maths Jalan Kesoma 1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
N2621S4E maths and Pure ChemistryMimosa Road2 x 2 hrs$35-50/hr
N2625P6TamilDepot road1 x 1.5 hrs$55/hr
N2626P1Maths Yishun Ring Road1 x 1.5 hrs$40-45/hr
N2627P4MathsCairnhill Circle1 x 1.5 hrs$35-40/hr
N2630S2EnglishGrange Road1 x 1.5 hrs$40-45/hr
N2632P6Maths and Science Serangoon Avenue 31 x 1.5 hrs$55-60/hr
N2635IB Year 11HL MathsDover Road1 x 1.5 hrs$60/hr
N2636SAT EnglishDover Crescent2 x 1.5 hrs$40-60/hr
N2637P2English, Maths and ChineseJurong East Street 311 x 1.5 hrs$15-20/hr
N2638S3Pure GeographyPetir Road 1 x 1.5 hrs$30-35/hour
N2639P6MathYuan Ching Road 2-3 x 1.5-2 hrs$35/hr
S1217P5EnglishTeck Whye Lane1 x 1.5 hrs$45-$55/hr
S1261JC2 H2PhysicsThomson Lane1 x 1.5 hrs$50-70/hr
S1271J2H2 Biology Strathmore Avenue 1 (Fortnightly) x 1.5-2 hrs$100-120/hr
S1272J2H2 Maths Strathmore Avenue 1 (Fortnightly) x 1.5-2 hrs$100-120/hr
S1274P3Maths and sciencePasir Ris Link 2 x 1.5 hrs$40/hour
S1282S1&S2English and LiteratureBoscombe Road1-2 x 3-4 hrs$40-$60/hr
S1284P3Chinese Pasir Ris Link1 x 1.5 hrs$40/hr
S1285O levelBiologyMariam Way (Tampines) 2 x 1.5 hrs$55-$70/hr
S1287S2Literature (2016)Gerald Drive1-2 x 1.5 hrs$40-60/hr
S1291P2English, Maths and Chinese (2016) Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2 x 1.5 hrs$30-$35/hr
S1310P6MathsTampines Street 821 x 1.5 hrs$25-55/hr
S1315P2 and P4Higher ChineseBedok Reservoir Road1 x 2.5 hrs$40-45/hr
S1317P4Maths and ScienceWoodlands Drive 532 x 1.5 hrs$35-55/hr
S1318JC 1H2 MathsUpper Changi Road (Simei)1 x 2 hrs$35-45/hr
S1321P3 English Kim Seng Road1 x 1.5 hrs$20-35/hr
S1325S2 IPHigher Chinese Choa Chu Kang Street 621 x 1.5 hrs$40-$65/hr
S1327P6EnglishThomson Road1 x 2 hrs$25-30/hr
S1339BasicConversational EnglishAlexandra Road (Beside IKEA)1 x 2 hrs$45-$50/hr
S1341P6English, Maths, Science & ChineseWhampoa Drive2 x 1.5 hrs$25-$30/hr
S1344P5ScienceLorong 8 Toa Payoh 1 x 1.5 hrs$45-$50/hr
S1346S3Combined Humanities(Social Studies/Geography)Woodlands Crescent1 x 1.5 hrs$45-65/hr
S1347P1ChineseToh Guan Road 2 x 1.5 hrs$15-20/hr
S1350JC 2 H2PhysicsJurong West Street 73 1 x 1.5 hrs$50-110/hr
S1353S4Humanities (Geography & Social Studies)Hougang Central1 x 1.5 hrs$35/hr
S1355P5ScienceAdmiralty Link 1 x 1.5 hrs$35-55/hr
S1358Diploma levelEconomics Hougang Ave 71 x 1.5 hrs$40-$50/hr
S1359Diploma leveJava Software National Library 1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
S1360S1ChinesePrimrose Avenue 1 x 1.5 hrs$50-$60/hr
S1362P3EnglishLorong 1 Toa Payoh 2 x 1.5 hrs$30-$45/hr
S1363P4English Lorong 8 Toa Payoh 1 x 1.5 hrs$45-$50/hr
S1364P3MathsTampines Street 83 2 x 1 hrs$15/hr
S1368P1ChineseAng Mo Kio Avenue 9 1 x 1.5 hrs$15-$20/hr
S1372S3EnglishWoodlands Crescent1 x 1.5 hrs$45-65/hr
S1373P6EnglishWoodlands Crescent1 x 1.5 hrs$35-55/hr
S1375P6ChineseBedok North Avenue1 x 1.5 hrs$35-40/hr
S1376S2Chinese Bedok North Avenue1 x 1.5 hrs$40-45/hr
S1378P3Math and ScienceChoa Chu Kang Drive2 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
S1379P3EnglishChoa Chu Kang Drive1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
S1380P3Chinese Rivervale Crescent1 x 1.5 hrs$20/hr
S1381IB12Chinese A Language and Literature (SL)Serangoon Garden Estate1 x 1.5-2 hrs$40-70/hr
S1383Secondary level Social Studies and GeographyBoys Town (Upper Bukit Timah Road)2 x 2 hrs$35-40/hr
s1388P1ChineseAng Mo Kio Avenue 5 1 x 1.5 hrs$15-$20/hr
S1389S3 Pure PhysicsHindhede Walk 1 x 1.5 hrs$50-$65/hr
S1390P6English and ScienceKim Keat Link1 x 2 hrs$35-$50/hr
s1391P6Foundation MathsKim Keat Link (Toa Payoh1 x 2 hrs$35-$50/hr
S1395S1MathsCompassvale Bow 1 x 1.5 hrs$40-60/hr
V1113S1ChineseSpottiswoode Park1 x 1.5 hrs$25-$45/hr
V1126P1MathRivervale Drive1 x 1 hr$30-$45/hr
V1133P1 & P4ChineseTampines Street 1 x 2 hrs$20-$30/hr
V1134P1 & P4English, Math, Science Tampines Street 1 x 2 hrs$35-$40/hr
V1139N1ChineseDunearn Road2 x 1.5 hrs$18-$20/hr
V1153S2ScienceCompassvale Lane1 x 1.5 hrs$50/hr
V1171IP1 Maths and ScienceBinjai Park 1-2 x 1.5-2 hrs$30-$35/hr
V1172S4A Math (2016)Jurong West Street 2 x 2 hrs$30-$35/hr
V1173S4History (2016)Jurong West Street 2 x 1.5 hrs$30-$35/hr
V1177S3Combined Physics and Chemistry Lorong Ong Lye2 x 1.5 hrs$50-$65/hr
V1179S2Chinese (2016) Yishun Ring Road 1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$60/hr
V1190P6ChineseMarine Crescent1 x 1.5 hrs$45-$55/hr
V1195S4 Higher ChineseWoodlands Ring Road1 x 2 hrs$30-$50/hr
V1196IP2MathCarpmael Road 1 x 2 hrs$45-$50/hr
V1203P3EnglishChoa Chu Kang Crescent 1 x 1.5 hrs$15-$25/hr
V1208S2Higher ChineseJalan Mata Ayer1 x 1.5 hrs$25-$30/hr
V1215P6MathsMarine Crescent1 x 1.5 hrs$45-$55/hr
V1216P6ScienceMarine Crescent1 x 1.5 hrs$45-$55/hr
V1217P2EnglishJalan Raya1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
V1221P4MathBishan Street 231 x 1.5 hrs$35-$55/hr
V1230P2English and MathAnchorvale Link1 x 1.5 hrs$30-45/hr
V1235P6EnglishStratton Drive1 x 2 hrs$45-55/hr
V1240S4Pure ChemistryFaber Terrace1 x 2 hrs$30-$60/hr
V1241 P2 and P5ChineseTampines Street 411 x 1.5 hrs$30-$40/hr
V1244P6English, Math, Science and ChineseSimei Street 41 x 2 hrs$25-$30/hr
V1245JC2 H2ChemistryKim Tian Road1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
V1248S3A Maths & Pure ChemistryYishun Street 611 x 2 hrs$30/hr
V1251S2Combined ScienceCompassvale Bow1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$55/hr
V1255BeginnerArtFlower Road1 x 1.5 hrs$25-$35/hr
V1261P3English and Math Clementi Ave 32 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
v1268P2&6EnglishJurong East St 32 1 x 2 hrs$35-$55/hr
v1269P2 & P6Chinese Jurong East St 1 x 2 hrs$35-$55/hr
V1270S4 Pure Chemistry Rosewood Drive1 x 1.5 hrs$30-35/hr
v1271P6English and ScienceChin Swee Road 1 x 2 hrs$20-$30/hr
v1272P3Maths and ScienceJalan Senang1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
v1273P3EnglishAng Mo Kio Avenue 31 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
v1274P6English and MathsVernon Park1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$45/hr
v1275P6EnglishCanberra Road1 x 1 hrs$20-$40/hr
v1280S3A & E Math Whampoa Drive1 x 1-1.5 hrs$45-$50/hr
v1281S3Combined Physics/ChemistryWhampoa Drive1 x 1-1.5 hrs$45-$50/hr
V1282S3Higher ChineseChoa Chu Kang St 511 x 1.5 hrs$40-$65/hr
V1283S3A MathLorong 39 Geylang 1 x 1.5 hrs$30-$35/hr
V1284S3 NAEnglisChoa Chu Kang North 71 x 1.5 hrs$30-35/hr
Z1038P3English, Maths & ScienceMarine Terrace 2 x 1.5 hrs$18-$35/hr
Z1093J1H1 Physics Hougang Avenue1 x 1.5 hrs$40-$60/hr
Z1146IB Grade 12 HLChemistryUpper Changi Road East1 x 2 hrs$50-60/hr
Z1245P1 English Near People’s Park Centre1 x 1.5 hrs$20-$25/hr
Z1260IGCSE Grade 8 ChemistryThird Avenue (Bukit Timah)1 x 1.5 hrs$50-$75/hr
Z1289K1 EnglishPasir Ris Street 1-2 x 1 hr$15-20/hr
Z1311P3 English, Maths & Science Rivervale Crescent2 x 1.5 hrs$20/hr
Z1317P1Phonics and EnglishBukit Purmei Road1 x 1.5 hrs$30-$35/hr
Z1334IB7GeographyLasia Avenue 1 x 1.5 hrs$40-60/hr
Z1335P5ScienceBukit Batok West Avenue 7 1 x 2 hrs$50-$70/hr
Z1336P2ChineseBukit Batok West Avenue1 x 2 hrs$50-$70/hr
N2641P3Chinese CompositionHoy Fatt Road (Redhill) 1 x 1.5 hrs$35-40/hour
N2640S1&2MathsHougang Avenue 1 1 x 2 hrs$40-60/hour
S1398P6MathsFaber Crescent1 x 1.5 hrs$45-55/hr
S1397Grade 6PianoAnchorvale Crescent1 x 1 hrs$45-55/hr
S1396Grade 7 MathsRhu Cross (Marina East) 1 x 2 hrs$45-50/hr
V1285P1Chinese Oral/conversation practiceToa Payoh Lorong 11 x 1.5 hrs$15-$20/hr


P = Primary
S = Secondary
J = Junior College
IP = Integrated Programme
IB = International Baccalaureate
D = Diploma
U = University
M = Music
L = Language



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