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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment ID for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

No of Lesson(s) per week
X1907P3ChinesePotong Pasir Avenue 11 x 1.5hrs$25/hr
X1966P6English, ScienceWoodlands Circle1 x 1.5hrs$25-30/hr
x1972S2ScienceUpper Changi Road North1 x 2hrs$40-60/hr
x1963S3Pure BiologyTampines St 121 x 1.5hrs$50/hr
X1947S4IGCSE SpanishHillview1 x 1.5hrs$30-50/hr
X1970S4EnglishJurong West St 651 x 1.5hrs$30-50/hr
Q2116P1English, Math, ChineseBukit Timah Road2 x 1.5hrs$15-25/hr
Q2115S3ChemistryBukit Timah Road1 x 1.5hrs$30/hr
Q2119S3EnglishTampines St 841 x 1.5hrs $45-60/hr
Q2135S1English and LiteratureYishun St 811 x 2hrs$25-30/hr
Q2139P6MathYio Chu Kang Road1 x 2hrs$30-60/hr
Q2140S3A MathChua Chu Kang, near Yew Tee MRT1 x 1.5hrs$30-60/hr
Q2141P3ChineseTampines St 831 x 2hrs$25-30/hr
Q2146D3Telecommunications and Digital CommunicationsJurong West St 711 x 1.5hrs$35-45/hr
Q2051S4NTMath and Science Bukit Batok Ave 61 x 1.5hrs$30/hr
Q2052S3Math and EnglishJurong East St 321 x 2hrs$25-50/hr
Q2157P2MathFlora Drive1 x 1.5hrs$20-25/hr
Q2154J1H2 Historynear Holland V MRT1 x 1.5hrs$50-70/hr
Q2160IGCSEHistoryGreenwood Ave1 x 2hrs$50-70/hr
Q2165P5English, Math, ScienceIndus Road5 x 1.5hrs$20-35/hr
Q2153P1MathChua Chu Kang Cresent2 x 1.5hrs$15/hr
A1780S3Physics & ChemistryAdmiralty Drive1 x 2hrs$30/hr
A1781S5E-MathsBedok South Road1 x 2hrs$30-$35/hr
A1784P6EnglishJurong West St 521 x 1.5hr$25-$40/hr
A1785P3EnglishSenja Road1 x 1.5hr$35/hr
A1786JC1H2 EconomicsWoodlands Ave 91 x 1.5hr$40/hr
A1788S2EnglishBedok South Avenue 1 1 x 1.5hr$25-$30/hr
A1789P5EnglishJalan Tiga1 x 1.5hr$35-$40/hr
A1790P2English & MathsHougang St 51 1 x 2hrs$15-$20/hr
A1792O LevelComb Sci (Phys/Chem)Yishun Street 611 x 1.5hr$25-$30/hr
P2010P1English & Maths Yishun Ave 61 x 2hrs$20/hr
P2011P1English & Maths Edgefield Plains1 x 1.5hr$20-$35/hr
P2007P1ChineseJurong West Ave 53 x 1.5hr$28/hr
P2008DiplomaHospitality ModulesKembangan3 x 2hr$30/hr
P2009JC1H2 BiologyChoa Chu Kang North 61 x 2hr
A1793IP1English & LiteratureHo Ching Road1 x 2hr
A1794JC1General PaperHume Avenue1 x 2hr$40-$60/hr
A1795O LevelGeographyLentor Loop1 x 2hr$35-$60/hr
A1796O LevelPOALentor Loop1 x 2hr$35/hr
A1798P1Creative WritingWoodlands Street 412 x 1hr$15/hr
A1799P1English & MathsTampines Avenue 42 x 1.5hr$15-$20/hr
A1800JC1H2 EconomicsWoodlands Street 811 x 2hr$40/hr
A1801S2MathsHillcrest Road1 x 1.5hr$40-$45/hr
A1802P1ChineseMing Teck Park1 x 1.5hr$30-$35/hr
A1803P1Maths West Coast Drive1 x 1.5hr$20/hr
Q2166P5English, Math, ScienceRivervale Drive1 x 2hrs$25/hr
Q2167JC1H2 Chemisty, PhysicsHillview Ave1 x 2hrs$45-55/hr
Q2168K1ChineseTampines Ave 13 x 1hr$15-20/hr
Q2169S3Combine Bio/ ChemSeng Kang Square1 x 1.5hrs$30/hr
Q2170S1ChineseEdgefield Plains1 x 1.5hrs$30/hr
A1797P5English & Maths Woodlands Drive 71 1 x 3hrs$18/hr
X1986P3EnglishAng Mo Kio Ave 51 x 1.5hrs$25/hr
X1985S1N(A) ChineseDover Rise1 x 1.5hrs$45/hr
X1984S4Pure Chemistry and Pure PhysicsRivervale Street1 x 2hrs$35-40/hr
X1983J2H2 LiteratureEastwood Way1 x 1.5hrs$35-100/hr
X1982P4English and MathematicsPasir Ris Street 121 x 1.5hrs$30-40/hr
X1981S4POAPetir Road1 x 1.5hrs$28-70/hr
X1980S5Elementary MathematicsJurong East Street 241 x 2hrs$25/hr
X1979JC2H2 ChemistryNear Lorong Chuan MRT1 x 1.5hrs$35-100/hr
X1978P1ChineseUpper Changi Road East1 x 1.5hrs$25/hr
X1977S4English OralNear Dakota MRT1 x 1.5hrs$50-60/hr
E2397S2Maths and ScienceBukit Batok East Avenue 21 x 2 hrs$30/hr
E2398P5Maths and ScienceBukit Batok East Avenue 21 x 1.5hrs$25/hr
E2480P5ScienceAlexandra View1 x 1.5hrs$35-$40/hr
E2492S2Maths and ScienceBedok Close1 x 2hrs$30/hr
E2500P3English, Maths and ScienceTampines Street 832 x 2hrs$20/hr
E2501P2English and MathsTampines Street 832 x 2hrs$15/hr
E2503P3English, Maths and ScienceTampines Avenue 12 x 1.5hrs$20-$30/hr
E2516S1English, Maths and ScienceLentor Terrace1 x 2hrs$45/hr
Q2171P5Math and ScienceYung Loh Road1 x 2hrs$20-25/hr
Q2172J2H2 ChemistryAmber Road1 x 2hrs$35-50/hr
Q2173J2H2 MathAmber Road1 x 2hrs$35-50/hr
Q2174S4Chemistry/PhysicsSeng Kang East1 x 2hrs$35/hr
Q2175S3POAKampong Arang1 x 2hrs$30-35/hr
Q2176P6ScienceChua Chu Kang Ave 32 x 1.5hrs$30-60/hr
Q2177P1English, MathBoon Lay Place2 x 1.5hrs$15-20/hr
Q2178S1HistoryPasir Ris St 121 x 1.5hr$25-45/hr
Q2179P5EnglishWoodlands Dr 421 x 1.5hr$40/hr
Q2180J1H2 Chemistry Shunfu Road1 x 2hrs$40-45/hr
Q2181P1Creative WritingWoodlands St 411 x 1.5hrs$15-18/hr
Q2182UK PEnglishOrchard Road3 x 1.5hrs$40/hr
Q2185S4NAPOAMRT2 x 2hrs$30-35/hr
Q2186P3EMSnear Fajar LRT1 x 2hrs$20-30/hr
Q2187P3Chinesenear Fajar LRT1 x 2hrs$20-30/hr
Q2188P6EMSHolland Drive3 x 1.5hrs$20-30/hr
Q2184S1ChineseTampines St 421 x 1.5hr$25-30/hr
Q2183S3 NAChinese Chua Chu Kang Ave 41 x 1.5hr$25-45/hr
Q2189J1H2 MathBangkit Road1 x 1.5hr$45-65/hr


P = Primary
S = Secondary
J = Junior College
IP = Integrated Programme
IB = International Baccalaureate
D = Diploma
U = University
M = Music
L = Language



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