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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment ID for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

No of Lesson(s) per week
L2056S2GeographyPeninsula Plaza1 x 2hrs$30-$40/hr
L2015S2/3/4HumanitiesCashew Road3 x 3hrs$35-$45/hr
L2012S3&4MathCashew Road3 x 3hrs$35-$45/hr
L1972MGrade 2 ViolinBukit Panjang45mins$50-$55/hr
L2054P6 MathTongkang LRT2 x 1.5hrs$25/hr
L2052P5 MathTampines1 x 1.5hrs$20-$25/hr
L2050S3MathKhatib1 x 1hr$45/hr
L2049P4ChineseQueenstown1 x 1.5hrs$35-$45/hr
L2051S3BiologyChoa Chu Kang1 x 1.5hrs$40-$45/Hr
L1698IP1MathYishun1 x 2hrs$45-$60/hr
L2002JC1ChemistryPunggol Field1 x 1.5hrs$40-$55/hr
L2040P5English, Math & ScienceJoo Seng Road2 x 1.5hrs$25-$50/hr
L2037IP 4ChemistryToa Payoh1 x 1.5hrs$30-$35/hr
L2039IP 4MathTiong Bahru1 x 2hrs$45-$70/hr
L2024S2ChemistryDakota1 x 1.5hrs$50-$60/hr
L2032S1Math & ScienceSiglap Road1 x 2hrs$35-$65/hr
L1936S2MathTampines2 x 1.5hrs$40-$45/hr
L2046P4English & MathLentor Loop2 x 1.5hrs$35-$50/hr
L2045JC1ChemistryBedok1 x 1.5hrs$35/hr
L2043P5ScienceFlora Road1 x 1.5hrs$40/hr
L2042S1MathNee Soon Road1 x 1.5hrs$40/hr
L1914P6 MathJurong West1 x 1.5hrs$30/hr
L2041S3A MathJoo Seng Road1 x 1.5hrs $30-$60/hr
L2036BMandarinSG Poly/Ngee Ann Poly1 x 2hrs$30/hr
L2035P3 & S2ChinesePeninsula Plaza2 x 2hrs$40-$45/hr
L2033S3Physics OR ChemistryTampines2 x 1.5hrs$30/hr
L2016S5MathBedok1 x 1.5hrs$45/hr
L2031P4Math & ScienceBedok1 x 2hrs$35/hr
L2030P6Math & ScienceTeck Whye1 x 2hrs$18/hr
L2020P4English, Maths, Science & ChineseCompassvale Drive2 x 1.5hrs$25/hr
L2014S2EnglishCashew Road2 x 1.5hrs$35-$45/hr
L2010S1ChineseNational Junior College1 x 1.5hrs$25-$30/hr
L2001S2Math & SciencePotong Pasir1 x 2hrs$40-$60/hr
L1996P6Maths & Science Bishan2 x 1.5hrs$40-$50/hr
L1982S4GeographyAdmiralty1 x 1.5hrs$35/hr
L1970P5EnglishNovena1 x 1.5hrs$20/hr
L1919S1EnglishPasir Ris1 x 1.5hrs$45-$55/hr
L1911P3English, Maths & ScienceRivervale Drive2 x 1.5hrs$45/hr
L1907P5MathDover Rise1 x 1.5hrs$55/hr
L1925P3/S3MathPasir Ris1 x 2.5hrs$25-$30/hr
L2017S2EnglishPeninsula Plaza2 x 1.5hrs$30-$45/hr
L2013S2/3/4ScienceCashew Road2 x 1.5hrs$35-$45/hr
L1967PBasic TamilMarine Parade Road 2 x 1.5hrs$25-$50/hr
X1907P3ChinesePotong Pasir Avenue 11 x 1.5hrs$25/hr
X1966P6English, ScienceWoodlands Circle1 x 1.5hrs$25-30/hr
X1971P6Foundation ScienceMarine Crescent1 x 1hr$40-50/hr
X1964S1MathematicsAng Mo Kio Avenue 41 x 2hrs$35-60/hr
X1964S1MathematicsYio Chu Kang Road1 x 2hrs$35-60/hr
X1967S2SciencePasir Ris St 521 x 1.5hrs$35-60/hr
x1972S2ScienceUpper Changi Road North1 x 2hrs$40-60/hr
X1937S2ScienceCanberra Road1 x 1.5hrs$40-55/hr
X1965S2HistoryJalan Teck Whye1 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
X1963S3Pure BiologyTampines St 121 x 1.5$50/hr
x1963S3Pure BiologyTampines St 121 x 1.5hrs$50/hr
X1945S4IGCSE EconomicsHillview1 x 1.5hrs$30-50/hr
X1947S4IGCSE SpanishHillview1 x 1.5hrs$30-50/hr
X1969S4Pure Chem, Pure PhyJurong West St 652 x 1.5hrs$30-$45/hr
X1970S4EnglishJurong West St 651 x 1.5hrs$30-50/hr
Q2116P1English, Math, ChineseBukit Timah Road2 x 1.5hrs$15-25/hr
Q2115S3ChemistryBukit Timah Road1 x 1.5hrs$30/hr
Q2119S3EnglishTampines St 841 x 1.5hrs $45-60/hr
Q2135S1English and LiteratureYishun St 811 x 2hrs$25-30/hr
Q2139P6MathYio Chu Kang Road1 x 2hrs$30-60/hr
Q2140S3A MathChua Chu Kang, near Yew Tee MRT1 x 1.5hrs$30-60/hr
Q2141P3ChineseTampines St 831 x 2hrs$25-30/hr
Q2146D3Telecommunications and Digital CommunicationsJurong West St 711 x 1.5hrs$35-45/hr
Q2147P3Higher Chinese Yishun St 811 x 2hrs$30-50/hr
Q2050P4ChineseJelebu Road1 x 1.5hrs $20-25/hr
Q2051S4NTMath and Science Bukit Batok Ave 61 x 1.5hrs$30/hr
Q2052S3Math and EnglishJurong East St 321 x 2hrs$25-50/hr
Q2156P5Math and ScienceFlora Drive1 x 2hrs$20-35/hr
Q2157P2MathFlora Drive1 x 1.5hrs$20-25/hr
Q2158P5MathWoodlands Circle2 x 1.5hrs$35-40/hr
Q2159Pre P1ChineseTampines St 211 x 1.5hrs$20-30/hr
Q2154J1H2 Historynear Holland V MRT1 x 1.5hrs$50-70/hr
Q2160IGCSEHistoryGreenwood Ave1 x 2hrs$50-70/hr
Q2161J2H2 GeographyJurong West St 931 x 1.5hr$40-60/hr
Q2162O lvlsLiteratureFlora Drive1 x 1.5hrs$30-50/hr
q2163P2English and MathCanberra Road1 x 2hrs$25-35/hr
Q2164J2H1 MathBukit Batok St 521 x2hrs$45-50/hr
Q2165P5English, Math, ScienceIndus Road5 x 1.5hrs$20-35/hr
Q2153P1MathChua Chu Kang Cresent2 x 1.5hrs$15/hr


P = Primary
S = Secondary
J = Junior College
IP = Integrated Programme
IB = International Baccalaureate
D = Diploma
U = University
M = Music
L = Language



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