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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment ID for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

No of Lesson(s) per week
N1468S3Pure PhysicsBukit Batok Street 311 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
N1467S2Maths and ScienceTampines Street 112 x 1.5hrs$30/hr
N1464P5EnglishSerangoon North Avenue 51 x 1.5hrs$20-30/hr
N1463P2EnglishWoodlands Drive 602-3 x 1.5hrs$25-34/hr
N1461P3MathsBedok Reservoir View1 x 1.5hrs$30-40/hr
N1459P6EnglishPaya Lebar Crescent1-2 x 1.5-2hrs$45-55/hr
N1448P6EnglishGeylang East Avenue 12 x 2hrs$45-55/hr
N1447S3Combined Science (Physics/ Chemsitry) and E-MathsPasir Ris Street 521 x 1.5hrs$45-50/hr
N1445P6Maths and ScienceEast Coast Road1 x 1.5hrs$35-55/hr
N1444P4EnglishYishun Street 811 x 1.5hrs$45-55/hr
N1442J2H2 BiologyBishan Street 231 x 2hrs$40-65/hr
N1438P4EnglishNear Kallang MRT1 x 2hrs$30-35/hr
N1436S3Pure Biology and Pure ChemistryHougang Avenue 11 x 1.5hrs$25-30/hr
N1426S1Maths and ScienceJurong West Street 812 x 1.5hrs$40-45/hr
N1425S1EnglishJurong West Street 811 x 2hrs$40-45/hr
N1419AdultConversational MalaySegar Road1 x 1hr$20/hr
N1416P6English and ScienceNear Buona Vista MRT1 x 2hrs$45-50/hr
N1405S1ChineseNear Fajar Shopping Centre1 x 1.5hrs$40-50/hr
N1402J2H2 ChemistryHougang Street 611 x 2hrs$50-70/hr
N1401J2H2 PhysicsHougang Street 611 x 2hrs$50-70/hr
N1398P2 and K2English, Maths and HindiBukit Batok West Avenue 53 x 2hrs$20/hr
N1396P6English and ChineseHougang Street 112 x 1.5hrs$40-55/hr
N1395P6Maths and ScienceHougang Street 112 x 1.5hrs$40-55/hr
N1388P3EnglishChoa Chu Kang North 51 x 1.5hrs$30-45/hr
N1380P4EnglishNear Dakota MRT1 x 1.5-2hrs$25-30/hr
N1354P3English, Maths and ScienceClementi Avenue 21 x 1.5hrs$40-45/hr
N1346P4EnglishBukit Batok Street 211 x 1.5hrs$50-60/hr
N1290P5MathsBukit Batok West Avenue 61 x 2hrs$55/hr
M1211P2EnglishEunos1 x 1.5hrs$30-45/hr
M1210P3TamilBalestier1 x 1.5hrs$30-40/hr
M1203'O' LevelsPure Chemistry and Pure PhysicsKeng Cheow Street1 x 2hrs$30-35/hr
M1199P6EnglishClementi Avenue 31 x 1.5hrs$20-40/hr
M1179P4English, Maths and ScienceNear Bartley MRT2 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
M1166IP Year 4EnglishNear Kovan MRT1 x 2hrs$45-65/hr
M1150P3Higher ChineseBedok Reservoir Road1 x 1-1.5hrs$35-40/hr
M1133P3English and MathsBedok South Avenue 11 x 2hrs$30-45hr
M1120P3MathsHougang Avenue 11 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
M1115S4EnglishLorong 4 Toa Payoh1 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
M1080P4English, Maths and ScienceChoa Chu Kang North 63 x 1hr$35-55/hr
M1022IB Year 11HL MathsOrchid Village1 x 1.5hrs$40-70/hr
M1214P1ChineseHougang Avenue 31 x 1.5hrs$15-20/hr
M1216S3EnglishPotong Pasir1 x 1.5hrs$45-65/hr
S3E-Maths and A-MathsPotong Pasir1 x 1.5hrs$45-65/hr
M1218S3Pure Chemistry and Pure PhysicsPotong Pasir1 x 1.5hrs$45-65/hr
M1220IP Year 4Chemistry and BiologyPasir Ris Drive1 x 2hrs$35-38/hr
M1221P3English and MathsBishan2 x 1.5hrs$40-45/hr
M1223S1 and S2GeographyCashew Road1 x 3hrs$35-45/hr
M1224S1 to S5HistoryCashew Road1 x 3hrs$35-45/hr
M1225S1 to S5Social StudiesCashew Road1 x 3hrs$35-45/hr
M1226(MOE Guidlines)ArtCashew Road1 x 2hrs$35-45/hr
M1228P4ScienceChoa Chu Kang Loop1 x 1.5hrs$20-30/hr
M1229S3E-Maths and A-MathsPunggol Central1 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
M1231P4English, Maths and ScienceKovan Road2 x 1.5hrs$35-40/hr
M1232P6English, Maths and ScienceKovan Road2 x 1.5hrs$35-40/hr
M1233P6English, Science and Foundation Maths Kovan Road2 x 1.5hrs$35-40/hr
M1234S1 N(T)English, Maths and ScienceKovan Road2 x 1.5hrs$40/hr
M1235P5English, Maths and ScienceKovan Road1-2 x 1.5hrs$35-40/hr
M1236O levelPure ChemistryTampines Street 821 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
M1238S2English and MathsChoa Chu Kang Street 522 x 1.5hrs$25-40/hr
M1239O levelDesign and TechnologyAng Mo Kio Street 311 x 1.5hrs$25-35/hr
M1240P1Higher ChineseKatong1 x 1.5-2hrs$15-20/hr
M1241P6English, Maths and ScienceNear Lavender MRT2 x 1.5hrs$20-30/hr
M1242P3MathsHougang Street 111 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr
M1242P3ChineseHougang Street 111 x 1.5hrs$30-35/hr


P = Primary
S = Secondary
J = Junior College
IP = Integrated Programme
IB = International Baccalaureate
D = Diploma
U = University
M = Music
L = Language



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